Leap Frog Smart Sizzling BBQ Grill

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Keep learning on the menu with the Smart Sizzling BBQ Grill! Little grill masters can pretend to grill by securely placing eight different play food items on the interactive skewer. This smart grill recognises the food’s name and colour. Twist the skewer to count along with the grill, then turn the temperature dial from 1 to 10. Hear the sizzling and cooking sounds! The grill knows if the heat is too high and asks to have the dial turned to a lower number. Safety messages are included! “Careful. The grill’s hot! Don’t get burned.” Utensil hooks keep the tongs and spatula at the ready to serve steak, fish, green peppers and more onto the included plates

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  • Colours
  • Counting
  • Food Names
  • Numbers 1-10
  • Pretend Play