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Our Christmas savings club is not a credit facility.


Christmas can be one of the most expensive times of the year. There are so many things to consider including food, presents, drinks and more. All of this can easily add up and sometimes money is short. However, with Christmas savings clubs you can put together a plan that works for you. payments can be weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly, or monthly. This gives you the chance to select a savings option which is perfect for your budget. One of the biggest advantages is that you’ll have no debt once Christmas comes. Everything is paid for and you can start your new year fresh, giving you a chance to enjoy the holidays as a family.


All our payment plans are set up in the check out stage of the website, you can choose the plan that suits you and also the date of your first payment. It takes 10 working days to set up your direct debit and any payment that is due to come out at the weekend or bank holidays will be taken the next working day so please make sure that the funds are still available on that day.


If you cancel your order between the date you place it and the 30th of June you will incur a £10 cancellation fee. Between the dates of the 1st July and the 31st August the cancellation fee will increase to £35



  • Cancelling your order on the website doesn’t guarantee that your next payment won’t go out of your bank if it is less than 5 working days before your payment date you will need to cancel the direct debit.
  • A payment is sent for processing 5 working days before its due. We can not stop a payment once its been sent for processing.
  • If you cancel your direct debit for any reason, we will cancel your order.
  • A cancelled direct debit can’t be reactivated, you will have to place the order again on the website.
  • If you cancel the direct debit therefore cancelling the order you will not receive the £10 deposit back.
  • If for any reason your payments decline we will add the missed payment to your remaining plan.
  • If you fall behind on your payments please do not worry, we review payment plans regularly and adjust your payments accordingly.
  • All payment plans have to finish by the 1st October 2023.



To ensure that all customer funds are safe and segregated from any of our Bilco Direct accounts. All payments are processed and held by our FCA regulated payment processor, Access PaySuite Limited until such time as the product delivery process has commenced. Access Paysuite Ltd, Company registration number 4595169 and established in 2002, are an FCA regulated Payment Institution under licence number 730815 (formerly Eazy Collect) and a UK accredited Bacs Approved Bureau. To check Access Paysuite Ltd (formerly Eazy Collect) credentials click this link  Access PaySuite Limited,


You can cancel your order at anytime up to the 1st of September, if you cancel your order please remember you be charged a £10 or £35 cancellation fee depending on when you cancelled, this will be taken from any money paid. If you cancel your order after the 1st of September or fail to complete all your payments you will not receive your hampers or a refund of any money paid up to that date. If you cancel your order at any time it is your responsibility to cancel the direct debit with your bank. If you fail to cancel your direct debit and a payment goes through we can not be held responsible for any issues this may cause.


You can alter your order anytime up to the 1st of September and if you fall behind in your payments we will work with you to change your order after the 1st of September but this is not a guarantee that we can do what you need us to. We will however do our best to accommodate your request. To change your order simply email us on and we will make the changes for you and make the changes to your direct debit.



All refunds take 3 working days to process from the date of confirming your cancelled order or direct debit. The refund will be paid back into the account that the funds have come from and will go in to that account at anytime on the 3rd working day.



Delivery Charge

There is a £10 delivery charge on all orders under £350

We can deliver our Christmas Hampers, Gifts and Toys to anywhere in the UK.



All our hamper deliveries come in two sections.

Dry delivery.

Frozen delivery.

Traditionally our hampers get delivered in two parts, the dry parts first, then the frozen parts a couple of weeks later. Just recently some of our delivery partners have requested that they deliver them all together which cuts the delivery costs, and also means the customer only has to be around for one delivery instead of two. If the delivery company in your area adopts this practise then the deliveries will take place in the first and second weeks of December.



If you have a hamper ordered with us we will try to get the toys delivered with the hampers at the same time. If not we will send them out with UPS at the beginning of December.



If you would like anymore information about our deliveries or delivery area’s please feel free to contact us on 01474 823839 option 2 and one of our sales team will be happy to help.

Or email us on






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