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Become an Agent

Become An Agent

Bilco Direct now offer the opportunity to become an agent for Christmas Hampers.

A great way to earn some extra money for Christmas.

As an agent you will be responsible for collating your friends and families orders and then submitting the total order to us (this can be done in stages). You will also be responsible for collecting the payments from your friends and family and paying it into our customer account. We do have a minimum order value of £1250 for all agents.

If this is something you would like to do please fill in the form below and submit your interest. We will then send you a brochure for you to show your potential customers and if you then believe you will reach the minimum order value contact us and we will then send you out the agent pack.

Agent Pack contents:

  • Letter explaining process
  • 5 x brochures
  • 10 x payment cards
  • Agent master order form

Please use the contact form below to request an agent pack only.

We have two types of customers, Agents and Retail customers the difference between them are as such.

An Agent: Collects orders from friends and family, has to collect and pay the money into our customer account. An agent has a minimum order value of £1250 and earns commission of 12.5% on the whole order placed with us.

Retail customer: Places orders for themselves and pays via direct debit. There is no minimum order value, although there is a delivery charge of £10 on all orders under £350 and no commission earnt.

If you are only looking to request a brochure for yourself please click here.

To Become An Agent

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