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Product Amount
Product Amount
Ambrosia Rice Pudding 400g 1
Auntys Golden Syrup Puddings 2 x 110g 1
Bartons Original Picallili 269g 1
Bartons Pickled Onions 269g 1
Batchelors Marrow Fat Peas 300g 1
Daucy New Potato 300g 1
Green Giant sweetcorn 340g 1
Daucy Whole Carrots 400g 1
Big D Salted Peanuts 50g 2
Birds Custard Powder 300g 1
Branston Beans 220g 1
Branston Original Pickle 360g 1
Cadburys Drinking Chocolate Water 250g 1
Cadburys Roses 187g 1
Campbells Chicken Condensed Soup 295g 1
carrs melts cheese crackers 150g 1
Deans All Butter Shortbread 160g 1
Del Monte fruit cocktail in Juice 227g 1
Duerrs Blackcurrant Jam 454g 1
Duerrs Breakfast Marmalade 454g 1
duerrs cranberry sauce 200g 1
Foxs Vienesse Fingers 105g 1
Gold Crown Christmas Cake pk of 3 1
Gold Crown Christmas Pudding 113g 1
heinz tomato soup 400g 1
Spinnaker Kitchen Brussels pork liver pate 120g 1
Kuchen Meister Stollen Bites 275g 1
Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar 100g 1
Mornflakes Syrup Oats to go 1
Nestle Evaporated Milk 170g 1
paxo sage n onion stuffing 85g 1
princes chicken in white sauce 1
Princes Pear Halves 410g 1
John West Red Salmon 213g 1
Princes Round Ham 200g 1
Princes Sardines in tomato sauce 120g 1
Pringles S&V 40g 1
Ye Olde Chicken Roll 300g 1
Royal Chocolates Belgian Chocolate mint thins 125g 1
Schwartz Luxury Bread Sauce mix 40g 1
Traditional Bread Sticks 125g 1
Trancetto Chocolate Cakes pack 10 1
Tetleys Teabags 40 1
Walkers Luxury Minature Mince Pies 9pk 1
Princes Corned beef 200g 1
York Fruit 200g 1
Princes Tuna Chunks 145g 1
Doritis Hot Salsa 1
Fray Bentos Steak and Kidney Pudding 200g 1