Packed with prestige, the Mayfair hamper is a little bit of luxury for you and the family. Ensure your Christmas goes off with a bang with one of our most popular hampers filled with special brands, including a box of Christmas crackers.

A free bottle of Prosecco when you buy the Mayfair!


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Product Amount
Product Amount
Ambrosia Rice Pudding 400g 1
baked beans n sausage 415g 1
D’aucy peas and carrots 1
Bartons ploughmans pickle 370g 1
batchelors garden peas 300g 2
Batchelors golden veg super rice 100g 1
batchelors mushy peas 1
Daucy new potato 540g 2
Green Giant sweetcorn 340g 1
Big D salted peanuts 240g 1
birds instant custard 75g 1
bisto beef gravy granules 170g 1
bonduelle petit pois & carrots 400g 2
branston ravioli 395g 1
Butterkist Toffee popcorn 85g 1
Cadbury snowy fingers 115g 2
Cadburys Roses 187g 1
Cadburys small selection pack 2
carrs melts cheese crackers 150g 1
chicken & Mushroom pasta n sauce 110g 1
chicken super noodles 100g 1
Heniz Ketchup 450g 1
Diet Coke 1.5ltr 1
Toy Story Cup Cake 121g 1
duerrs cranberry sauce 200g 1
duerrs mint sauce 200g 1
duerrs strawberry jam 454g 1
fini cinema mix 180g 1
frey bentos chicken pie 475g 1
frey bentos just steak pie 475g 1
Frey Bentos Meatballs tomato sauce 1
Giftmaker crackers 12″ pk 10 1
Gold Crown Christmas Cake pk of 3 1
Gold Crown Christmas Pudding 400g 1
Haribo starmix 140g 1
Hartleys Raspberry Jelly 135g 1
Hartleys Strawberry Tablet Jelly 135g 1
heinz bean 415g 2
heinz chicken soup 400g 1
heinz spaghetti hoops 400g 1
heinz tomato soup 400g 1
Patak’s Balti Sauce 450g 1
hp brown sauce 255g 1
Jacobs Savoury Favourite Crackers 200g 1
john west sardines in tomatoes sauce 120g 1
Jucee Apple & Black 1.5ltr 1
Jucee Orange Sq 1
kelloggs variety 8pk 1
Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles 200g 1
M&Ms & Friends selection box 192g 1
Maltesers Pouch 100g 1
Mars celebration 240g 1
Mcvities Jaffa Cakes 10pk 1
Mcvities Mini Cheddars 260g 1
nescafe instant 100g 1
nesquik choc powder 300g 1
Nestle Kit Kat 5pk 1
nutella 400g 1
Choc Brownie Mix 350g 1
paxo sage n onion stuffing 85g 1
presto dry spaghetti 500g 1
presto pasta fusilli 500g 1
princes chicken in white sauce 1
Princes Mandarin 298g 1
Princes Peach Slices 410g 1
Princes Pear Halves 410g 1
Princes Pear Ham 454g 1
Princes Pineapple 432g 1
Princes Salmon Paste 75g 1
princes tuna chunks in brine  160g 2
Pringles S&V 190g 1
Pringles Sour Cream 190g 1
ragu Original pasta sauce 1
red lion chilli con  carne 392g 1
Castle Chunky steak in gravy 392g 1
Castle mince beef onion 392g 1
robinson fruit shoot Orange 275ml 4pk 1
KTC chopped tomato 400g 2
KTC plum peeled tomato 400g 1
schweppes lemonade 2ltr 1
John West wild pink salmon 213g 1
Swizzels Chew Chew 180g 1
Swizzels Drumstick Squashies 145g 1
Thins Salted Caramel 125g 1
tilda long grain rice 500g 1
Patak’s Tikka Masala 450g 1
vegetable cup a soup 76g 1
Walkers Festive Shapes Shortbread 350g 1
Walkers Luxury Minature Mince Pies 9pk 1
Ye Olde Oak hot dogs 400g 2
yorkshire T-Bags 80pk 1
Prosecco 70cl 1
Super Noodles Bacon 1
Fox’s Favourites Selection Biscuits 550g 1
Nestle Toffee Crisp Biscuit pack of 7 1

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