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Product Weight
Product Weight
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 204g 1
Aunt Bessie’s Toad in the Hole 190g 1
Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire Puddings 12pk 1
Bannisters Ready Baked Potatoes 4pk 1
Birds Eye Beef Lasagne 400g 1
Birds Eye Chicken Tikka Curry & Rice 400g 1
Birds Eye Potato Waffles 10pk 1
Birds Eye Quarter Pounder Burgers 4pk 1
Coppenrath & Wiese Apple Caramel Crumble Cheesecake 500g 1
Coppenrath & Wiese Apple Strudel 600g 1
Cream of the Crop Button Sprouts 907g 1
Cream of the Crop Cauliflower 907g 1
Cream of the Crop Garden Peas 907g 1
Original Jamaican Patty  2pk 1
Cream of the Crop Whole Baby Carrots 907g 1
Chicago Town Tiger Crust Pepperoni Pizza  24cm 1
Youngs Cooked and Peeled Prawns 180g 1
Pukka Meat and Vegetable Puff Pastry  pack of 4 1
Bisto Cottage Pie  375g 1
Original Patty Jamaican Lamb Curry 400g 1
Lands Garlic Bread Slices 10pk 1
McCain Home Chips Straight Cut 1.5kg 1
Aunt Bessie’s Home Roast Potatoes 720g 1
SFC Chicken Dippers 170g 1
James Cook Breaded Scampi 450g 1
Young’s Admiral’s Pie 320g 1
Young’s Fish Fingers Omega 3 10pk 2
Young’s Chip Shop Large Cod Fillets in Batter 4pk 1
Pork Sausages 454g 1


If any products are unavailable at the time of packing an alternative item or items to the same value will be substituted in its place.

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