Buffet Gold

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Tasty classics meet round the world nibbles for a ready to go buffet that caters for all tastebuds.


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Product Qty
Bannisters Potato Skins Cheese & Smoked Bacon 4pk 1
Birds Eye Crispy Chicken Dippers 220g 2
Coppenrath & Wiese Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake 445g 1
Dr Oetker Ristorante Mozzarella Pizza 335g 1
Fisherman’s Pride North Atlantic Prawns 300g 2
McColgans Cocktail Sausage Rolls 30pk 2
Lands Garlic Bread Slices 10pk 2
Farmer Jacks Mozzarella Sticks 225g 3
Mr King’s Profiteroles & Sauce 16pk 4
Mayflower Sweet & Sour Chicken in Batter 225g 3
Farmer Jacks Chicken Portions 1kg 2
Pork Sausages 454g 2
Lucky Red Vegetable Spring Rolls 50pk 2
Sliced Honey Roast Ham 113g 4
Sliced Roast Beef 113g 4
STC Hot n Spicy Chicken Wings 2
Golden Crumb Garlic Mushrooms 500g 1
Goodlife Falafels 10pk 2
Jus Rol Medium Vol Au Vents 18pk 2
McCain Lightly Spiced Potato Wedges 750g 2
Indian Banquet Selection 32 Piece 1
Brew City Halloumi Fries 150g 1
Youngs Breaded Scampi Bites 220g 1
Birds Eye Fish Cakes 198g 1
Pigs in Blankets 10pk 1
Savoury Pork Spare Ribs 567g 1
Sliced Chicken Breast 113g 2
Sliced Garlic Sausage 113g 2
Sliced Honey Smoked Ham 113g 2
Cream of The Crop Battered Onion Rings 1kg 1
McCain Cheese & Bacon street Fries 300g 2
McCain BBQ Beef street Fries 300g 2
Chicago Town Deep Dish Chicken Club Pizzas 2pk 1
Coppenrath & Wiese Chocolate Cheesecake 425g 1
Coppenrath & Wiese Chocolate Fudge Cake 450g 1
Dr Oetker Ristorante Speciale Pizza 300g 1
Gino’s Hawaiian Pizza 305g 1
James Cook Breaded Scampi 450g 1
Lucky Red Mini Samosas 60pk 1
Meena Ocean Sea Sticks 250g 1
Mr King’s Chocolate Éclairs 6pk 3