A Christmas feast of treats, sweets and meats to please all the family.



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Product Amount
Product Amount
Angel Delight Chocolate 59g 1
Angel Delight Strawberry 59g 1
Golden Fry Yorkhire Pud Mix 120g 1
Auntys Golden Syrup Puddings 2 x 95g 1
Bartons Original Picallili 269g 1
Bartons Pickled Onions 269g 1
Bartons Sliced Beetroot 340g 1
batchelors garden peas 300g 1
batchelors mushy peas 1
Daucy new potato 540g 1
Heinz Cream Tomato Soup 400g 1
Heinz Pea and Ham Soup 400g 1
Big D salted peanuts 240g 1
birds instant custard 75g 1
bisto beef gravy granules 170g 1
Heinz Spaghetti Hoops 400g 1
branston ravioli 395g 1
chicken super noodles 100g 1
HP Brown Sauce 460g 1
Heinz Ketchup 460g 1
Deans All Butter Shortbread 160g 1
Duerrs Breakfast Marmalade 454g 1
duerrs strawberry jam 454g 1
foxs favourite selection 365g 1
Foxs Triple Biscuit 7pk 1
Gold Crown Iced Christmas Cake 400g 1
Hartleys Strawberry Tablet Jelly 135g 1
heinz bean 415g 2
heinz spaghetti hoops 400g 1
Heinz Vegetable Soup 400g 1
Jacobs Biscuits for Cheese 300g 1
kelloggs variety 8pk 1
Matthew Walker Rich Fruit Christmas Pudding 400g 1
Mcvities Jaffa Cakes 10pk 1
Mcvities Rich Tea 200g 1
Merba Rainbow Cookies 150g 1
Nestle Evaporated Milk 170g 1
paxo sage n onion stuffing 85g 1
presto dry spaghetti 500g 1
Princes Fruit Cocktail 410g 1
Princes Mandarin 298g 1
Princes Sardines in Oil 120g 1
princes tuna chunks in brine  160g 1
Ritz Crackers 200g 1
Princes wild Pink Salmon 213g) 1
Seasoners Traditional Pasta Sauce 450g 1
Typhoo Teabags 80pk (various brands) 1
Uncle Bens Microwave Lon g Grain Rice 250g 1

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