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Christmas Hampers

Choose the festive food for you from our range of Christmas Hampers.

Christmas Hampers In Huddersfield

Preparing for Christmas can be stressful and expensive for many individuals and families. At Bilco Direct, we aim to ease the burden, supplying Christmas hampers in Huddersfield and throughout the rest of the UK. With a selection of different hampers available including food and drinks, you can always find the perfect hamper for you with payment options within your budget.

All our hampers are available at competitive prices on our payments range from weekly to monthly, ensuring you never have to spend too much at once. This makes paying for the perfect Christmas much easier and prevents any financial worries when it comes to Christmas day and the build-up to Christmas.

Christmas dinner with side dishes

Hamper Packages & Delivery

There is a huge range of Christmas hampers in Huddersfield available to our clients. We can always advise you regarding any of the packages we have and which option may be best for your budget and the food, drink and additional features you may require. The packages that we have available to choose from include:

  • Complete Christmas
  • Noël with Meat Pack with Turkey Crown
  • Noël with Meat Pack with Grade A Chickens
  • Noël with Meat Pack with Grade A Turkey
  • Worcester Gold
  • Mayfair
  • Snowdon
  • Holly
  • Buffet Gold
  • Just Lamb Gold
  • Noël
  • Kent with Stuffed Turkey Crown
  • Kent with Turkey
  • Kent with Chickens
  • Worcester Silver
  • Let’s Party
  • Just Beef Gold
  • Just Lamb Silver
  • Buffet Silver
  • Steak Lover
  • Banquet with meat
  • Festive Essentials
  • Worcester Bronze
  • White Meat
  • Banquet
  • Just Beef Silver
  • Lancaster
  • Sweet Sensation
  • Buffet Bronze
  • Cooked Meat Platter
  • Ferrero Gifts
  • Walkers Gift Hamper
  • Cadbury Delights
  • Lindor Box of Treats

In addition to this, we will also have toys and gifts for 2020, giving you a bundle of gifts for the best possible price. Within these packages, we have a fantastic choice of meats, different sweets and chocolates, and both soft and alcoholic drinks in our Christmas hampers. We understand people have different dietary requirements and can discuss the contents of each hamper so you know exactly what you are getting.

Once you select the hamper you would like, our payment and delivery system is easy for all our clients in Huddersfield and throughout the surrounding areas. The sooner you choose to purchase your Christmas hamper, the cheaper per week or month your hamper will cost. This is an effective way of saving for anyone and makes sure you are fully prepared for Christmas day with all the food, drink, presents and sweets you need.

Delivery of dry items will be on the 28th November, whilst frozen deliveries are on Saturday 12th December. If you are behind on payments, we make regular reviews and adjustments so you can make your full payment by the 31st October.

Company of cheerful and happy friends celebrating at the christmas dinner

Christmas Hamper Supply In Huddersfield

With both our own delivery vans as well as using professional couriers, we can easily supply our Christmas hampers in Huddersfield and throughout the surrounding areas. As we work throughout England, we aim to be the first choice for Christmas hampers in Huddersfield and throughout the surrounding areas, giving all clients here a dependable, cost-effective and suitable option for your Christmas preparations.

With our payments being weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly or monthly, you can tailor the package to your needs once you have found the package you want. Having worked throughout England since our establishment, we are happy to supply our packages to every client and make sure you have the perfect option for Christmas. With food being delivered on time and only ever supplying great-tasting food, this should be perfect for Christmas day and the rest of Christmas time.

Order Christmas Hampers In Huddersfield

To order Christmas hampers in Huddersfield, contact Bilco Direct today to order by phone or order online. You will always receive a quick response for any orders as well as information regarding what our packages contain. Make an enquiry and call us on 01474 823839 or fill in our contact form today.

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