Technic Showstopper Gift Box 2023

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A show stopping selection of Technic products presented in a readymade gift box – perfect for any makeup enthusiast.
You’ll have all you need to create some fabulous looks!

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1 x Rollerball Gloss
1 x Dream Tint Lip Stain
1 x Disco Queen False Nails
1 x Nail Varnish Starkers
1 x NEW Gel Blusher Siren
1 x Banana Bright Lowlighter
1 x Glow Setter Setting Spray
1 x Mega Glow Highlighter
1 x Faux Silk Lashes Salsa
1 x Brow Fxer Gel
1 x Retractable Eyeliner
1 x Intoxicate Mascara
1 x Goddess Palette