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Subbuteo brings the fun and competitiveness of football to your living room! Fans of all ages will love the new re-energised Subbuteo range with greatly improved detail. No longer will players need to be glued back together having broken from the base yet again. The new generation of players are stronger with far greater flexibility and have been produced in exceptional detail taking the Subbuteo experience to a whole new level of realism

If you are an England football fan and love the iconic table football game Subbuteo then look no further! The Subbuteo England Main Game, with exceptional attention to detail, is the perfect way to enjoy the classic Subbuteo game and re-enact game changing moments from the match!


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  • The England Subbuteo game contains a goalkeeper,
  • 10 England players,
  • 10 players with red shirt with white shorts, a ball, goals and a high quality playing pitch
  • so pick your team, decide your game plan and victory will be at your fingertips!
  • Can you flick it? Yes you can!
  • Bring the fun and competitiveness of football to your home with Subbuteo.