Golf Ball Finder Glasses

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The ideal gift for the man who lives on the green! For the Golfer, who complains about not being able to see the ball, tell them to look again! Get back on course with these remarkable Golf Ball Finder Glasses, designed with special tinted lenses that filter out foliage and grass so that lost, white golf balls appears brighter against trees, rough or fairway. Allows for instant visual pickup, saving time and money. The glasses fit over most prescription eyewear and come with a stylish zippered nylon carrying case, featuring a bag clip for attaching the shades to a golf bag or buggy. Please note: Intended for use during ball searches only. Do not wear as sunglasses.

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  • Designed with special tinted lens that filter out foliage and grass
  • Includes nylon carry case
  • Fits over most prescription eye-wear