Biscuits Galore


For the dunkers, the nibblers, the layer separators. Biscuits Galore is bursting with all your family’s favourites. As a snack, a stocking filler or the perfect companion to a brew, the hardest choice you’ll have to make is Chocolate Finger or Jammie Dodger?





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Product Weight
Bahlsen Pick Up Biscuits x4
Burton's Mini Jammie Dodgers Bags x6
Burton's Viscount Mint Bars Pack of 7
Burton's Wagon Wheels x6
Cadbury Animals Mini Bags x6
Cadbury Mini Chocolate Fingers Bags x5
Cadbury Snack Shortcake Bar Pack of 6
Cadbury Time Out Pack of 6
Fox's Classic Biscuits Original Pack of 7
Fox's Party Rings Minis x6
Fox's Rocky Chocolate Bars Pack of 8
McVitie's Club Orange Pack of 6
McVitie's Gold Bars Pack of 7
McVitie's Penguin Biscuits Pack of 7
McVitie's Trio Biscuits Pack of 6
Nestlé Blue Riband Pack of 8
Nestlé Blue Riband Caramel Pack of 8
Nestlé Kit Kat Pack of 9
Nestlé Kit Kat Chunky x3
Nestlé Milk Chocolate Breakaway Pack of 6
Nestlé Toffee Crisp Biscuit Pack of 7
Nestlé Yorkie Biscuits Pack of 7
Nutella B-ready Pack of 6
Reese's Sticks x3
Rocky Caramel Bars Pack of 8
Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Biscuits Pack of 4
Twix Biscuits 5x Twin Bars

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