60 Piece Tool Work Bench


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Wide-eyed youngsters are always watching you around the house as you do that all important DIY, and now they can copy you in safety while learning essential life skills through role play and developing their hand-eye coordination.

Designed to be as realistic as possible it features all the essential tools any DIY-lover would need, including a drill, saw, hammer, screwdriver and a vice, which all fit neatly inside this cleverly designed Tool Box Workbench.

Even constructing the Work Bench is fun and you can give them a helping hand on their way to being a budding DIY expert!

Useful info:

  • Casdon 60-piece Tool Box Workbench
  • Realistic role play for exploring imagination
  • True-to-life toy for added realism and visual stimulation
  • Detailed set includes all their favourite tools
  • Suitable for age 3 and above


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